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Etch software by ZHealth Documentation ensures maximally appropriate reimbursement for interventional radiology and cardiovascular procedures through precise documentation and coding.

Etch Guides You Each Step of the Way

Unlock Your Reimbursement Potential With Accurate Documentation & Coding

Etch software provides a complete solution for interventional radiology and cardiovascular centers. With Etch-Guided Documentation, Real-Time Coding, and a Compliance Center, you can ensure maximum and appropriate reimbursement.


Etch guides your providers through simple and complex procedures to ensure complete and accurate reports.


Our patented code engine generates codes instantly as your providers document, resulting in 99%+ coding accuracy.


A side-by-side view of the documentation, codes, and potential issues provide confidence in claim submission.

Achieve Reimbursement Integrity With Etch Software

Etch is the only solution on the market that combines Etch-Guided Documentation, Real-Time Coding, and a Compliance Center. It ensures maximally appropriate reimbursement for interventional radiology and cardiovascular procedures.

Unlocked in initial cashflow
because of faster time to bill.
Estimated recurring annual improvement.
Undeniable ROI

Etch Pays For Itself

By using Etch, a facility's operational efficiency will improve to unlock increased initial cash flow of $180K and over $1M in recurring annual benefits.

$1.05M Improved

Etch eliminates underbilling and can improve your reimbursement accuracy by >$1M based on a model of 5K cases/year.

$240K Improved

You'll spend less time and money on transcription, clerical work, registry submission, and coding when using Etch.

$60K Improved

Since procedure and code updates are baked in to Etch, you'll avoid penalties and spend less time on physician education.

Simple & Complex Procedures

Covering Procedures Other Systems Don't

Complex procedures are where most billing errors are made. Since our extensive procedure library includes both simple and complex procedures, you'll receive appropriate reimbursement on even the most complex cases. Here are a few examples of the procedures you'll see in Etch.

All vascular and non-vascular procedures, including neuro, dialysis, biliary, and urinary.

All structural heart, implant, coronary & peripheral, and arterial & venous interventions.

Modern & Secure

No-Hassle IT Management

Etch is a cloud-based software that adapts to any device, eliminating the need for your IT team to manage software updates. Our team handles all updates and maintenance, ensuring your Etch experience remains uninterrupted. We maintain SOC 2 certification and host Etch securely on Microsoft Azure, leveraging the robust security measures embedded within their ecosystem.

25+ Years of Expertise in
IR & CV Coding Accuracy

Etch was built using our 25+ years of expertise in interventional radiology and cardiovascular procedures. In that time, our team has reviewed over 500K cases and worked with nearly every hospital in the country.

ZHealth Documentation

Etch by ZHealth Documentation brings accurate documentation and coding to your everyday workflow.

ZHealth Publishing

Sister company, ZHealth Publishing has sold more than 40K coding reference guides, with more than 5K facilities relying on it.

ZHealth Consulting

With 25+ years of consulting and training on complex medical coding, our sister company has reviewed over 500K cases.

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