Our Mission

Transforming Healthcare Reimbursement

We exist to help deliver maximum and appropriate reimbursement through accurate documentation and coding.

ZHealth Documentation

Our Story

For over twenty-five years, ZHealth has established a reputation of excellence in the healthcare industry, specializing in interventional radiology, cardiology, electrophysiology, vascular/endovascular surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, and diagnostic radiology coding. With Etch, we’ve brought ZHealth’s knowledge and experience in healthcare to the software space, delivering a structured reporting and automated coding solution to facilities ranging from small practices to large hospital systems.

ZHealth Documentation was founded by a core team of physicians who have experience both performing and coding procedures in these areas. Built by physicians, for physicians, we developed the most advanced coding and documentation software solution, Etch, with the goal of improving documentation, coding compliance, and reimbursement so that you can focus on patient care.

The Values That Guide Us

At ZHealth Documentation, our core values of accuracy, integrity, and innovation guide our approach to delivering the best reimbursement solutions. We believe in providing maximum and appropriate reimbursement through accurate documentation and coding for interventional radiology and cardiovascular centers.


Our Leadership

Meet our experienced and knowledgeable leadership team.

Dr. David Zielske (“Dr. Z”)
Founder & CEO

Dr. Z is the author of the industry standard interventional radiology and cardiology coding reference manuals. He is Board Certified in Radiology with the Certification of Added Qualification in Interventional Radiology, and has over 30 years experience as a coding consultant.

James Williams
Head of Technology & Operations

For over two decades, James has steered software teams, from nimble startups to multinational Fortune 500s across diverse industries. James excels in cultivating autonomous teams that drive innovation and consistently deliver novel solutions to real-world problems.

Brian Church
Director of Business Development

Brian has 15 years experience running the ZHealth Consulting division and has worked with hundreds of hospitals and physician practices in that time. He has been with ZHealth Documentation since its founding.

Charlene Kennedy
Director of Human Resources

Charlene ("Char") has over 20 years experience as Director of Human Resources at ZHealth Publishing and has been with ZHealth Documentation since its founding. She also serves on the board for a number of non-profits.

Dr. David Dunn
Clinical Advisor

Dr. Dunn completed his MD at the University of Texas San Antonio, surgical residency at Scott & White, and vascular surgery fellowship at Baylor College of Medicine. He practiced as a vascular surgeon before acting as a coding consultant for hospitals and physician practices for over 20 years.

Ryan Palmer
Business Advisor & Founder

Ryan is currently a senior vice president and Global Head of Software at HP, and has held roles leading architecture and strategy at Intel, as well as serving on the board of multiple companies.

The Industry Standard

Founded by Dr. David Zielske (Dr. Z), our team established the Certified Interventional Radiology Cardiovascular Coder (CIRCC®) credential and authors the industry standard ZHealth Medical Coding Reference (in publication since 2003) for seven specialty areas, including interventional radiology, diagnostic & interventional cardiology, and vascular & endovascular surgery.

Delivering Maximum Reimbursement Through Accurate Documentation & Coding

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