The Reimbursement Integrity Platform
for CV & IR

Etch is the comprehensive documentation and coding software for maximizing reimbursement for CV & IR procedures.

Etch-Guided Documentation

Accurate Documentation Equals Accurate Coding

Etch-Guided Documentation pre-populates known fields and guides the physician through simple and complex procedures to ensure complete reports the first time. As industry code and procedure updates are announced, we'll make sure Etch stays up-to-date so you spend less time training and ensure accurate coding.

Real-Time Coding

Codes Generate
As You Document

Since the documentation and our patented code engine are intertwined, codes are generated instantly with no extra steps, allowing for same-day claim submission.

Real-Time Coding

Codes Generate
As You Document

Since the documentation and our patented code engine are intertwined, codes are generated instantly with no extra steps, allowing for same-day claim submission.

Compliance Center

Every Code Validated By Matching Documentation

By combining documentation and coding into a single platform, the documentation appears directly alongside the codes. This gives you better visibility into why specific codes were generated, while also flagging potential opportunity or compliance risks. All this results in faster and more confident claim submission.

Modern Architecture

Effortless Integration & Scalability

It's simple to scale Etch as you grow. Etch is built on modern, Azure cloud-based architecture, which means there's no hardware to purchase, no management effort for your IT resources, and more uptime for your operational team.


SOC II Certified, Microsoft Azure hosted environment.


Access via web browser from any PC, tablet, or mobile.


No hardware or back-end system maintenance by your IT team.

Getting Started

Straight-Forward Implementation & Training

We Create The Plan

We'll meet with your team to learn the details of your team makeup and broader tech stack.

We Configure The Software

Once we understand the details, we'll configure the platform to your specific needs and develop and necessary interfaces.

We Train Your Team

We'll provide in-person and remote training to your team and validate the configuration meets your specifications.

You Go Live

We'll be on-site as you go live and provide personal, U.S.-based support for ongoing needs.

Comprehensive Documentation Through Coding


When compared against voice transcription, NLPs, hemo, and EHR systems, Etch is the only comprehensive system for CV & IR procedures.

Voice Transcription
Hemo & CVIS Systems
EHR Systems
Graphical physician & reviewer interface
Near 100% coding accuracy
Automatic code generation
Structured smart reporting tools
Full clinical capture, including complex procedures
Ongoing education and maintenance reduction
Reports and insights into clinical and usage data
Always aligned with current CMS NCCI guidelines

Ready for more accurate reimbursement?

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Find answers to common questions and concerns about Etch Software and its implementation in a healthcare setting.

How long does it take to implement Etch?

The typical implementation period is between 16 and 20 weeks depending on the facility and vendor engagement.

Is Etch Software customizable?

Yes, Etch Software is highly customizable to meet the specific needs of interventional radiology and cardiovascular centers. It can be tailored to fit different workflows and coding requirements.

How can Etch Software improve reimbursement?

Etch Software improves reimbursement by ensuring accurate documentation and coding, reducing coding errors, and maximizing appropriate reimbursement. It provides real-time feedback and compliance monitoring to optimize revenue.

Is training provided for Etch Software?

Yes, ZHealth Documentation offers comprehensive training and support for Etch Software. Their team of experts provides on-site training, webinars, and ongoing assistance to ensure successful implementation and utilization.

Can Etch Software integrate with existing systems?

Yes, Etch Software is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing systems, including electronic health record (EHR) systems and coding platforms. It enhances workflow efficiency and data accuracy.

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